Horrible Noises of Mr. Lobo's Very Bad Manor CD

Horrible noises of mr. lobo's very bad manor cd


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Just in time for Halloween! Zom-Bee TV and Mr. Lobo, host of the Nationally Syndicated Television show, Cinema Insomnia, bring you a new Halloween Sound Effects and story album. HORRIBLE NOISES OF MR. LOBO'S VERY BAD MANOR! A wickedly funny satire of children's vinyl records of the 60's and 70's.

The CD includes these spoken word tracks with amazing sound effects!

Track 1 - The Very Bad Manor

Track 2 - The Wrong Fuse

Track 3- Vicious Dogs

Track 4 - The Sharp Saw

Track 5 - The Cats

Track 6 -Train wreck

Track 7 -The Rope Bridge

Track 8 - Chinese Waiter Torture

Track 9 -The Bird

Track 10 - The Space Shuttle

Track 11 - The Missing Track

Track 12 - Night of the Creatures

Track 13 - The Witches Coven

Track 14 - Danger In The Fog

Track 15 - Lost Grave

Track 16 - Mad Scientists

Track 17 – The Golden Globes

Track 18 – William Tell

Track 19 - This Old House

Track 20 - Deranged Killer

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